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Whether you need to message everyone at once, or have a personalized conversation with a specific customer, SMS-iT does it all.


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SMS-iT™ allows you to intelligently search mobile records, build TCPA compliant consent lists for mobile marketing campaigns, target potential customers and more with A.I. & Automation.

  • Send Bulk SMS/MMS/Voice/Fax messages across the world at the cheapest rates available online.
  • Search and target potential customers from over 1billion segmented mobile records.
  • Build your opt-in/double opt-in subscribers marketing list with unlimted keywords, web-forms, newsletters, and other smart tools.
  • Over 38 industry 4.0 - Next Generation Features.
  • High Volume Sending in Minutes. Super Sending Speed for your Bulk Message campaigns. 3msg/s with Cloud Version, and 1msg/s with Decentralized Version.
  • Get a Free Local or Toll-Free number when you sign up. No Credit Card required.
  • No Contracts. Cancel Anytime for Free. Pay-As-You-Go packages also available.
  • Full control over your campaign contents with the Decentralized Version. High Risk Industries and Merchants allowed.
  • Automate your complete workflow. Use Smart Automation to complete your tasks/projects and greatly reduce your workload.
  • Intelligent Statistics, Analytics, Reports and Logs for clear insights into your campaigns. Powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Maintain your existing workflow, by integrating our platform with your existing marketing software. You can also use our API to integrate our platform into your custom software.
  • Customer Service and Support Team available to serve you with a "Wow Customer Experience", 24hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Whether you need to engage customers 1-on-1 or send text, voice or fax marketing campaigns, you have options available on-hand that can help you select the right number.

  • Toll-Free Numbers: We start every account with a complimentary local or toll-free number capable of texting large groups or individuals. This is our most popular solution! You can buy additional numbers.
  • Local Numbers: Send messages from an area code your customers recognize. Choose a Local Number for FREE with a new account, and buy additional numbers if required for your texting needs.
  • Public Number: All Decentralized Version accounts comes pre-configured with a US Based Public Number. Use your own number as your private number, with the decentralized gateway.
  • Dedicated Short Codes: Coming soon.
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What Our Clients Say

Narwal Agro Engg. Works

Regular Customer

The whole process was very straightforward. I found the control panel very intuitive. I was able to sign up without a Credit Card with just few details, and then I was in. Very amazing and clean user interface. I strongly recommend it.


Regular Customer

So I finally signed up for a Cloud Account after much browsing around. It took me less than 1 minute to get my new number. I choose a local number. Excellent job guys!

Enrique Store

Regular Customer

Sending my first sms message, where I sent it to myself as a test, took me around 3 minutes, because I had to create a group, and then add myself as a contact. Honestly, it was very simple compared to other platforms I have used.

Empire Cannabis Clubs

Regular Customer

I am not tech savvy, so I used the Chat System to reach support. The support system gave me the best experience ever. Mark was kind, patient, answered all my questions, and literally stayed with me online until I sent out my first bulk campaign. Thanks Mark.


Regular Customer

The cheap price of the Decentralized Version made me choose it. I used the instructions that you receive once you sign up, to set up my gateway with an Android phone I bought from Verizon. I spent roughly 10minutes completing the whole configuration process. At the end, it was more than worth it! Highly recommended!

Kamaree Enterprises

Regular Customer

I didn’t realize that the decentralized version could send out 30,000 messages within few hours. It blew my mind! I wonder how fast the Cloud Version would be, since it has Super Speed. This platform keeps blowing away my mind, as I keep finding out the power of its inbuilt features.


Regular Customer

The 38 features available are a lot! You must have spent years developing this platform. Anyway, I just wanted to say “kudos” to the powerful features. I used the QR code engine to create QR codes with the logo of my company in the middle, and then used it in my campaign and print materials. Amazing results. I already began marketing your affiliate link on my website, to tell my network all about this smart platform.

Tigule Technology Services

Regular Customer

Very excellent platform so far. I am now blasting out bulk mms messages. Support was professional and amazing. I am still trying out the platform. I would update this comment after I am done with all my tests. Thanks for the excellent support so far. Truly appreciated.

Steel Company

Regular Customer

I have been using SMS marketing for over 10years now, and this platform is truly different. Upgrading your plans is just with a few clicks. Same as buying additional numbers, sending out campaigns or using the features. Great job. Count me in as a loyal customer.

Pricing Plans

Choose Your Plan

We offer 14 different plans that cover the needs of modern startups and businesses. Twelve are provided via monthly payments for your convenience.


  • Messages
  • Rate
  • Global - Outside US/CA
  • Daily Send Limit
  • Super Speed
  • High Risk Businesses
  • 38 Smart Features
  • Smart Database
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Voice/Fax
  • 1 Free Private Number
  • 1 Free Public Number
  • Rollover Credits
  • API & Integrations
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited User Seats
  • Dedicated Manager
  • Support 24hrs/7 days

SMS-iT™ is the ONLY simple, intuitive and powerful Cloud and Decentralized All-In-One SMS, MMS, Voice & Fax marketing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence & Automation, with a database of 1billion+ segmented mobile numbers of potential customers, that can be used in building your TCPA compliant consent lists for mobile marketing campaigns.

SMS-iT™ allows you to intelligently search mobile records, build TCPA compliant consent lists for mobile marketing campaigns, target potential customers, send SMS/MMS/Voice/Fax messages, create subscribers, create groups, share media, and more with A.I. & Automation.

1) Decentralized Gateway: Our Decentralized Gateway powered by Android, allows you to send bulk SMS/MMS messages, at the cheapest rates online!

2) Smart Database: Search and target potential customers from our database of over 1billion segmented mobile records.

3) A.I. & Automation: Automate your complete workflow with smart Automation. Get results on your progress and results with our Smart Dashboard powered by A.I. Intelligently start and complete your campaigns on Auto-Pilot using our upcoming Auto-Pilot Engine powered by Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

4) 38 Smart Features: Our 38 Smart Features includes: Bulk SMS | Bulk MMS / Picture Messaging | Voice/Fax Broadcasting | FREE Local and Toll-Free Mobile Number | Database of over 1billion Segmented Mobile #'s of Targeted Customers | Geo Targeting & Segmentation | Smart Search with A.I & Automation | Smart Campaign with A.I. & Automation | Bulk SMS Scheduling | Free Decentralized Gateway | Receive Unlimited FREE SMS/MMS/Voice/Fax | Mobile Coupons | Unlimited Mobile Keywords | Online 2-Way SMS/MMS Chat | Autoresponders | Detailed Campaign Analytics | Bulk SMS/MMS/Voice/Fax Delivery Stats | SMS/MMS Contests | Birthday SMS/MMS Wishes | Facebook Integration | Website Opt-In/Signup Widgets | SMS Polls | Appointment Reminders | Built In Link Shortening & Tracking | Kiosk Builder | Mobile Splash Page Builder Assign Multiple Long Codes | Email Alerts | Message Templates | Broadcast from Phone | QR Codes | Segment Your Contacts | Upload Your Subscriber Lists | SMS to Email/Email to SMS | Voicemail / Call Forwarding | Name and Email Capture | Contact Management | SMS/MMS Punch Card Loyalty Rewards | Q&A SMS Bots

First, you need to register a user account on our website or app before configuring and using it on a regular basis. User accounts are free, and come with 2-100 free SMS/MMS and 1-100 free Voice credits

2) Get your FREE Number: After registering, proceed to GET NEW NUMBER to receive a new Local or Toll-Free Number for FREE, and you can buy more numbers. For the Decentralized version, your new Public Number already comes pre-configured and you can use your own existing number.

3) Enjoy: Finally, you can enjoy the app’s performance and smart features, while managing all your campaign projects and activities by using your User Account (A.I. C-Panel).

First, you need to register a user account on our website before configuring and using it on a regular basis. User accounts are free, and come with 100 free SMS/MMS and 100 free Voice credits

2) Gateway: After registering, proceed to SMS-iT™ Gateway and create your free SMS-iT™ Gateway account for relaying messages.

3) Download: After creating your SMS-iT™ Gateway account, access the gateway from your Android Phone, and download the SMS-iT™ Android Gateway APP to your Android Phone when the config pop-up screen appears. If the pop-up screen does not appear, proceed to Devices and click on Add Device to see the pop-up config screen.

4) Configure: After downloading and installing the SMS-iT™ Gateway APP which converts your Android Phone into a Decentralized SMS-iT™ Gateway Modem, use the QR code to automatically configure your SMS-iT™ Gateway Modem, by accessing it from another device with your phone. Or you can use your Login Credentials on your phone to complete the configuration automatically.

5) Integrate: After configuring SMS-iT™ Gateway modem, proceed to Link Gateway to A.I. C-Panel to integrate your Gateway with your A.I. Control Panel, using your SMS-iT™ Gateway API and Mobile Phone Number.

6) Enjoy: Finally, you can enjoy the app’s performance and smart features, while managing all your campaign projects and activities by using your User Account (A.I. C-Panel).

You can send SMS messages in bulk to your subscribers. Send to one group or many groups at once! To send SMS to a group, follow the steps given below.

1. Navigate to Groups>Manage Groups.

2. Click Send SMS button in the row of the group to which you wish to send SMS. 88 The Send Messages page will be displayed.

3. Select the pick list to send message by checking the box in the required option in the Pick List field. The available options are Groups and Contacts.
A. If you select Groups in the previous step, select the required group from the available list.
NOTE: the group will be automatically selected according to what row you selected to send the SMS to from the groups index page.
B. If you select Contacts in the previous step, select the required contact from the available list. Scroll down for more options.

4. Schedule your messages to be sent from 8:00AM to 9:00PM local time to adhere to the applicable guidelines published by the CTIA and the Mobile Marketing Association from the Schedule Delivery field. Choose a date and time. Note: If you want to send your message immediately, leave the field as is and don’t choose anything.

5. If you want to use a message template already created, select the message template you want to use, from the Message Template drop down list.

6. If you want to send a link to a mobile page you created, select the splash page you want to send with message from the Message Splash Page drop down list.

7. Specify whether you wish to send your message via SMS or MMS by checking the radio button in the required field. The available options are SMS or MMS.
A. If you select MMS option, then choose the image file from your computer. Note: Please be aware that mobile carriers are much more restrictive when sending images to many numbers in rapid succession from 1 long code number since there is much more bandwidth to factor in.
B. If you select SMS option, you can also choose to send a link to any image you want by clicking Pick File. The Filepicker dialog will be displayed.
C. Select the required file from any social media option or directly from the computer. You may even drag and drop the file from your computer.
D. Click Open. The selected file will be uploaded.

8. Enter the message in the Message text entry box. 1 credit is charged for each 160 character segment. If you have a message that is 300 characters, and you are sending to 10 people, 20 credits will be deducted (2 credits for each person). You cannot exceed 1588 characters.
Note: Messages containing non-GSM (Unicode) characters will be charged 1 credit for each 70 character segment. Also, special characters such as ~ [ ] ; " are not allowed.

9. Click Variations to view the number of message variations possible. This is used when including spintax in your message.

10. You can spin your messages with the use of spintax to create multiple variations of your messages when sending. Mobile carriers are a little more cautious letting someone send thousands of identical SMS messages at 1 time for SPAM reasons. Click Spin to see the generated output in the preview box each time you click Spin.

11. The Mandatory Appended Message field will be appended to the message when sending.

12. Select the rate of sending from the Sending Throttle drop down list. In the fastest (default setting), you can send SMS on 1 long code is 1 SMS/second. However, you can slow that down to exercise extra caution. The slowest setting will send at rate of 10 SMS per minute or 1 SMS every 6 seconds.

13. Click Save or Send Message. The new message will be sent immediately or scheduled for a future date/time based on the selected delivery schedule.

To send a single SMS to 1 contact, follow the steps given below.

1. Navigate to Contacts >Manage Contacts. The Contacts page will be displayed.

2. To send SMS, click Send SMS button in the row of the contact for which you wish to send SMS. The Send a Single SMS dialog will be displayed.

3. Select the required contact to send a single SMS from the Select a Contact drop down list.

4. Or you can enter the phone number of the contact person in the Phone Number text entry box. Note: the phone number will be automatically populated with the number of that contact.

5. Enter the message to be sent as SMS in the Message text entry box.

6. Click Send. The SMS will be sent to the selected contact.

The SMS Chat module connects you or your customer service department to your mobile customers, via SMS! Have a 2-way chat with them, much like any instant messenger tool like Skype or GTalk, but communication will all be handled through SMS.

SMS chat gives you the ability to actively engage with your clients, giving you new ways to reach out in real time. Some of the benefits of 2-way SMS chat are improving customer support, giving companies an easy, fast and efficient way of interacting with customers.

All communication is in real-time, so you can follow-up in a timely manner and see their responses almost immediately. Gather valuable feedback and make communication with your customers a 2-way street, all via SMS with an instant messenger interface!

1. Navigate to SMS Chat. The SMS Chat page will be displayed. The most recent incoming messages from your contacts will be displayed at the top on the left panel that list your contacts. When on this page, you will hear an audible beep notification when a new incoming message arrives, along with a red bubble next to the contact indicating the number of new messages that contact has sent.

Sending SMS to Contact
You can send SMS to contacts by manually entering the message or using the message templates if you have any created to save you time. Add short links or merge tags in the SMS. Even files can attached via URLs while sending SMS. To send SMS to a contact, follow the steps given below.

1. Navigate to SMS Chat. The SMS Chat page will be displayed.

2. Select the phone number of the contact for which you wish to send SMS from the phone numbers available on the left side. NOTE: Only 50 contacts will be returned in the list, with the contacts who sent in the most recent messages ordered at the top. However, you can still search by name or number from all contacts in your list. If you hear a new notification beep and the message didn't come from any of the 50 contacts displayed, just refresh your contact list to bring the new message to the top. The selected phone number will be displayed on the right side inside the chat window. Now you can begin a 2-way SMS chat with your contact. 3. Scroll down to enter your message.

4. Enter your message in the text box. The maximum number of characters allowed is 1600 characters. 1 credit is charged for each 160 character segment. If you have a message that is 300 characters, 2 credits will be deducted. Messages containing non-GSM(unicode) characters will be charged 1 credit for each 70 character segment. Using Message Template 5. To use a message template, click Message Templates ( ) icon. The Message Templates dialog will be displayed.

6. Click Insert button in the row of the template you wish to insert. The selected message template will be inserted.

7. Click Send. The SMS will be sent to the selected recipient and displayed in the list.

Adding Short Links
8. To add a short link to SMS, click Short Links ( ) icon. The Short Links dialog will be displayed.

9. Click Insert button in the row of the short link you wish to insert. The selected short link will be inserted.

SMS-iT™ has the Cloud and Decentralized Versions. The Cloud version uses our infrastructure 100%, with centralized control by us. The Decentralized version uses 95% of our infrastructure, and the remaining 5% is your Android Phone that is used as the decentralized hardware modem of its Smart SMS/MMS Gateway. The Decentralized version is also fully controlled by you in a decentralized manner as we also have full control of it.

The Decentralized version comes fully equipped with its own Smart SMS/MMS Gateway, which enables you to send messages at the lowest prices you can find on the internet!

The SMS-iT Gateway enables you to relay bulk SMS/MMS messages to your intended recipients, by utilizing our SMS-iT Gateway Modem Android APP configured on your Android Phone, as your decentralized SMS/MMS Gateway.

A sim-card capable of sending sms/mms messages is required for the Android phone. The sim-card acts as your Private Number.

The major advantage is price and control: SMS-iT Decentralized Gateway enables you to send messages at the lowest prices you can find on the internet! It also gives you more control over the types of messages you can send, as high-risk industries are allowed. The Decentralized version also has a 1% account closure rate, because of your full control.

SMS-iT™ Gateway is a smart decentralized SMS/MMS message Gateway, which enables you to send messages at the lowest prices you can find on the internet!

You can follow below steps to configure your SMS-iT Gateway, by adding your Android phone in the system.

1. After creating your SMS-iT™ Gateway account, access the gateway from your Android Phone, and download the SMS-iT™ Android Gateway APP to your Android Phone when the config pop-up screen appears. If the pop-up screen does not appear, proceed to Devices and click on Add Device to see the pop-up config screen.

2. Install it on your phone.

3. Open the app after the installation, you will be asked to give bunch of permissions. Just click Allow or Yes on all prompts you receive and you will be presented with login window. Touch the "SIGN IN USING QR CODE" button to scan the QR code shown in the pop-up.

4. After configuring SMS-iT™ Gateway modem, proceed to Link Gateway to A.I. C-Panel to integrate your Gateway with your A.I. Control Panel, using your SMS-iT™ Gateway API and Mobile Phone Number.

SMS Marketing Best Practices
Stick to these principles and you’ll be fine!

Text or SMS marketing is a fantastic way to bring the market to your customers and to get the word out on your venture. It has been shown to be among the most useful tools that a business can utilize in their marketing strategy, and many businesses are only now realizing its potential reach. However, it’s critical that you understand the parameters in place when utilizing something so potentially effective.

Text marketing involves various different laws and regulations, principles and understood practices that you need to be aware of, and we’ve put them all together into one list so you always know what to be aware of. Stick to these principles and your marketing is sure to go well!

Obtain Permission

You need the proper permission from potential subscribers to utilize text marketing messages. Without their permission, you are breaking the law and could potentially incur legal action or penalties, and doing so will also give your business or service a bad name, potentially upsetting customers.

How to get this permission? If those that you are sending the texts to, the subscribers, have already opted in by texting the keyword to your number then you’re set, they’ve given you permission! You need to obtain verbal or written confirmation that you can text someone if you are entering contacts individually or manually importing them into the dashboard.

Text During Business Hours

Messages should only be sent during traditional business hours. Customers don’t want to be woken up to a text marketing message, or to get them at awkward or late times. The general guidelines of the CTIA and the MMA(Mobile Marketing Association) define these hours as between 8AM and 9PM. Again, the focus should be on satisfying the customers.

One significant benefit of text/ SMS marketing is that you can prompt direct action on the part of the customer, and people don’t want to be prompted to action at strange hours.

Provide an Option for Removal

It’s critical that your subscribers have the option to remove themselves from your text marketing lists. UltraSMSScript does this automatically, including the potential opt out in your initial auto reply and any outgoing messages.

The “Msg&Data rates may apply” message is joined with “STOP to end” on the auto reply when people subscribe. “STOP to end” is included with all outgoing bulk messages.

Monitor Frequency

Don’t constantly text your subscribers! There are reasonable limits to how many text marketing messages you can send a customer. It’s recommended that you do not exceed 4 texts in a given 30 day period. More than that and you are likely to upset customers and to give your business a bad name.

It’s also important to inform your subscribes as to the frequency of the messages you’ll be sending. That way there are no surprises, and again there is nothing for them to be upset about. It isn’t necessary to put this in every text you send to subscribers, only when they initially sign up.

A good practice is to include this wording to your initial auto reply for those that subscribe to your list: “get 4 msgs/month”. This way they know what to expect.

Include Disclaimers, T&C/Privacy Policy and Business Name

The international trade association – CTIA – maintains the interests of the international wireless communications industry, and they strictly require that you include the following message in your initial auto reply to your subscribers: “Msg&Data rates may apply”.

This is an important regulation, and thus UltraSMSScript automatically adds this to the auto reply that you formulate so you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble. Again, this message must only be included in the first auto reply when the subscriber initially joins your list, and won’t be seen on every message.

It’s also important to include your business/program name and a link to your Terms & Privacy Policy page on the initial auto-reply after the user subscribes. This won’t be needed on every subsequent message that is sent, only on the initial auto-reply.

Example of an initial auto-reply that is compliant:

Jim’s Mobile Rewards: Thanks for joining! 4 msgs/month. T&C/Privacy @

STOP to end. HELP for help. Msg&data rates may apply.

Don’t use shorthand

Avoid using text shorthand wherever possible. Yes, characters in a text message are very sparing and need to be used valuably, but using shorthand too much is simply unprofessional. You want your messages to be accepted with a degree of credibility.

If you think that you need to use shorthand to save space in your texts, make sure that you only use them with words that you know the reader will understand.

Provide Value

Every marketing message should convey something important. If your customers are kind enough to subscribe to your texts, it’s hugely important that you provide them with content that is valuable.

Ensure that you don’t continuously send the same messages, or messages that are too similar. You want to provide them with something that is valuable, and part of that is providing something unique that has distinct benefits. If you are simply sending the same messages, or conveying the same content, then people will likely unsubscribe since they aren’t getting anything new.

SMS-iT™ Database is a smart database of over 1Billion opt-in segmented mobile records of targeted customers, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

Build your subscribers list with targeted and segmented opt-in mobile records Import targeted opt-in mobile numbers into your A.I. Control Panel to build your list Periodically updated for 99% validity





Billion +

Segmented Contacts
of Potential Customers to Target

About us - Summary

SMS-iT™ is
a Reliable Messaging App

Artificial Intelligence powered Bulk SMS/MMS/Voice/Fax Marketing platform, with a growing database of over 1billion mobile numbers for creating your TCPA compliant consent lists, which allows you to create effective SMS/MMS/Voice/Fax marketing campaigns, and reach your target audiences easily with automation.

Why SMS/MMS/Voice/Fax Marketing?

Why SMS/MMS/Voice/Fax Marketing?

SMS/MMS/Voice/Fax marketing reigns supreme when comprared to other marketing channels.

  • Faster than Email - 90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes. No email SPAM filters.
  • More Personal than Social - SMS/MMS/Voice/Fax reaches your audience directly in the palms of their hands.
  • Further Reach than TV - Deliver your bulk SMS/MMS/Voice/Fax message instantly to 200+ countries. Superb reach.
Big Data powered by Artificial Intelligence

Over 1 000 000 000 segmented records to target

Target your potential customers using their exact Geographic locations, and other segmented characteristics, like profile data, demographics, interests, industry, behavior, location, etc. Communicate without limits!

Artificial Intelligence Text Marketing


500,000,000+ phone records


500,000,000+ Records


500,000,000+ phone records


120,000 Customers

United Kingdom

150,000 Customers

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Text message marketing trusted by thousands of businesses just like yours.

SMS-iT™ is the #1 trusted choice of world-class businesses and organizations. We power millions of their text messages. Built with powerful features, SMS-iT™ helps everyone send large-scale mass text messages. Enjoy industry 4.0 technology of Next Generation SMS, MMS, Voice and Fax Marketing without any limits. Download SMS-iT™ now and start promoting your campaigns on the go!

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